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Are you a resident of Knox County’s 5th District and are passionate about positive change? Become a volunteer in Brian Walker’s campaign towards making a difference in our community. There are various ways you can contribute, from building a list of contacts to pounding the pavement and door-knocking for Brian.

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Here are some opportunities to get involved:

Build a List of Contacts and Engage Directly (Phone, Text, or Email)

Use your network to build a list of potential supporters for Brian’s campaign. Reach out to them directly, whether by phone, text, or email, and help spread the word about his vision for Knox County.

Put Up a Sign in Your Yard or Business

Show your support by proudly displaying a campaign sign in your yard or business. It’s a simple yet effective way to raise awareness about Brian’s candidacy.

Deliver and Collect Yard Signs

Help us distribute yard signs to supporters and ensure they’re picked up after election day. This small task plays a big role in our campaign’s visibility.

Work Election Day at a Polling Location

Become a poll worker on election day to help ensure a smooth and fair voting process. Your dedication to democracy is vital to the success of the campaign.

Help Find or Organize Campaign Events

Identify local events for Brian to attend or take the initiative to organize events in support of his candidacy. Your ideas and efforts can make a significant impact.

Attend Public Community & Government Meetings

Become a critical source of information by attending public meetings and government gatherings. Share relevant updates and insights with the campaign team.

Door Knock Targeted Voters

Join our dedicated team of door-knockers to connect with targeted voters. Engage in meaningful conversations about Brian’s vision for the 5th District.

Donate Money to the Campaign

Financial contributions are the lifeblood of any campaign. Your donation, no matter the size, helps fund essential activities like advertising, outreach, and events.

By getting involved, you’re not just supporting Brian Walker; you’re actively contributing to the future of Knox County’s 5th District. Join us in this endeavor and be a part of the positive change that our community needs. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

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About Brian Walker

Brian has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Currently, and for the past 23 years, Brian has owned Rilynn Company Insurance Services. Read more about Brian Walker.

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