About Brian Walker

Experienced Community Leadership

Brian is an experienced community leader with a proven track record of service. He has held several leadership positions, including President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce, where he played a pivotal role in managing financial matters and promoting local businesses. His past role as President of the Lions Club, showcases his passion for volunteerism and community involvement.

In addition, Brian has served as presidents of multiple BNI clubs, TEAM Referral groups. He was also past president of multiple Toastmaster clubs, including former C5 Governor. These positions all highlight his ability to foster strong connections with local business members, a keen interest in public speaking, and the willingness to tackle problems with balanced solutions. Brian’s multifaceted background and history of community leadership make him the trusted choice for County Commissioner, District 5.

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An Advocate for Youth

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Brian’s commitment to promoting youth sports and academic programs is unwavering. As a former board member of the Family Resource Center, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that young people have access to essential resources and support. Brian’s involvement as a Basketball Coach of the Boys and Girls Club demonstrates his dedication to nurturing the physical and personal development of local youth.

Furthermore, his experience as a former Taekwondo instructor at a youth martial arts studio underscores his commitment to fostering discipline and character in young individuals. Brian’s multifaceted involvement in youth sports and advocacy reflects his passion for creating a brighter future for Knox County’s children, emphasizing not only physical wellness but also personal growth and academic success. Brian is a dedicated advocate for our youth, working to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Family First Focus

Brian’s focus on putting families first is rooted in a commitment to promoting traditional family values. He understands the importance of a strong family unit and works tirelessly to ensure that these values are at the forefront of our community. Brian’s dedication to supporting youth involvement in the community is evident in his various roles, such as a Basketball Coach of the Boys and Girls Club, where he encourages young individuals to actively engage in positive activities.

Furthermore, Brian is determined to improve basic education for children, recognizing that education is the foundation for their future success. His comprehensive approach to community leadership revolves around creating an environment where families thrive, values are upheld, youth are empowered, and education is a priority. Brian is the advocate our community needs to ensure a brighter future for our families and children.

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A Prosperous Business Community

Brian’s efforts to creating a prosperous business community in Knox County is built on a solid foundation of experience. With a successful insurance agency he founded in 2000 and past ownership of a thriving Taekwondo studio, Brian embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and understands the challenges and opportunities that business owners face. His extensive background includes past positions as the President of the United Farmers Agent Association (UFAA) Chapter 53, President of the IE Real Estate Investment Club, and President of the Community of Retailers and Entrepreneurs (CORE).

Brian’s goal is to foster an environment where businesses can flourish, entrepreneurs can thrive, and economic growth becomes a reality for Knox County. Through his leadership roles and wealth of experience, Brian is dedicated to providing the support and resources needed for the local business community to prosper.

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Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

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